Peculiarities of reliability provision for complex systems



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Donchenko, M. (2020). Peculiarities of reliability provision for complex systems. Computer Science and Engineering, 1(1), 38-45.


Reliability is one of the comprehensive indicators of system quality. The issue of security is very complex and responsible throughout the life cycle of the system. The complexity of understanding and evaluation creates quite tangible problems when creating new products due to their specificity. Therefore, in our view, understanding the nature of the processes that determine and ensure reliability is important. The point is that reliability cannot be directly measured and estimated in a real object. The most important indicator of reliability is functionality – the performance by the object of its functions in full. Functioning is ensured by the organization of the work of all effector processes to perform basic functions. The summary makes an attempt to outline the problem and suggests to do so on the basis of decision-making theory. The information may be of interest to designers, technologists, and reliability specialists.


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